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Clovelly is classed by some as an alternative wedding venue.  It encaptures the traditional aspects of what would be classed as an outside venue for a wedding, and has elements of what are often highlighted as quirky or alternative.

Bridal couples are drawn to Clovelly due to these aspects, however, with this in mind, Clovelly is different in so many ways to many other alternative venues within the South West.

Clovelly can include many of the “boxes", which bridal couples tick as they look through the websites promoting these venues.  It is by the sea, has gardens where you can marry and celebrate with friends and family, has a marquee venue area on Clovelly Great Terrace with views across Bideford Bay and a Wilderness Summerhouse nestling in woodland, overlooking a cove.

A bridal couple can reach all these areas by our Land Rover service, which also provides transport for their guests and guarantees to take them to the venue in a style unsurpassed.

Recently a group of photographers visited us, with the remit to capture our unique setting.  The images bring Clovelly and our beautiful venues for weddings to life.

If you would like to view the other images, or have any enquiries and would like to learn more about Clovelly as a wedding venue, please visit and/or contact our coordinator through the website www.clovellyweddings.com  There is a Wedding tab on the home page of this website too.


Images provided by

Sophia Veres Photography

Photo shoot organiser:
Nicola Dixon photography & WILD ONES photography

Dress: Kate Beaumont

Florist: Ruby & The Wolf
Makeup & Hair: 
April Børjesson Cunningham
Liuba and Florin Cornea