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The early morning crash of boulder and stone being swept away from the harbour entrance by contracting swing shovels and dumper trucks heralds in the fresh bright clean spring; each year the longshore gales pour great banks of stones across the harbour entrance, closing the door on the harbour. This is spring cleaning Clovelly style. Cobweb lobster pots line the quay wall, being readied for another long salty soaking. Fishing boats, wherever they may have hidden for their long seasonal slumber... more

Lentsherd: An unusual Clovelly Shrove Tuesday tradition. Clovelly is a close community, uniquely linked to the past, fiercely proud of its fishing heritage as well as the history of its residents, and the traditions which have meant so much to so many.  For generations every Shrove Tuesday, the children of Clovelly have taken part in a curious custom, which is said to rid Clovelly of all the bad things from the previous year, chasing bad spirits away and banishing the Devil into the sea with a... more

BBC4 came to film our barometer at the Clovelly Lookout in February for their upcoming series about the history of weather forecastingfrom it’s beginnings to present day forecasting which helps businesses to maximise profits and to predict ever changing climates and weather patterns. . EPISODE 1: MEASURING WEATHER: FROM SUPERSTITION TO SCIENCE FITZROY’S LIFE TIME: 1780-1865  EPISODE 2 –WEATHER AND WAR FITZROY’S DEATH TO D-DAY (1865-1944) EPISODE 3: WEATHER AND MONEY POST-WAR